Things to do in Quarantine: Become creative during lock down

Things to do in Quarantine: How to become evolve yourself during Quarantine

Here are some creative things to do in Quarantine

A quarantine is a restriction on people's movement and some goods and services. So now we are in a quarantine period because of COVID-19. This is the time when we can do the things that we were thinking of doing from very long and this is the time when we can know our inner self.

It's just an opportunity for everyone to do something new. People are doing many new things in their home. This is a way to make our lives beautiful. Ok, I agree that this is a time of a pandemic, but we should stay positive. Creativity includes everything we do to be happy and cheerful.
We can do cooking. This is a good time where you can do cooking for your whole family and make them happy. In this hectic life with no time for ourselves we can now have time for our family. This is a positive thing. We can play family games. We can also connect with many people online. Social distancing is to be done and we are connecting to people over social media, this is an irony of our time. But this is a good way to have fun during this time. We can have live sessions of music with friends who sing. Like we can connect to people from other colleges and can provide them with a platform to sing and play instruments and have live jamming sessions on Instagram. Like one we are doing through club of mine we are having online live jamming sessions every alternate day have fun. You can learn playing instruments if you have any in your homes. Like I am learning guitar. People can learn new language(s) through apps. We can do many other stuffs like we can do internships related to their career or some NGO thing. This is the time for work from home, and from home also one can have a hand full of new experiences. Reading books and then then writing your own thoughts on that topic. Some people would like writing songs and poems. Painting, sketching or some other kinds of craft work is another thing we can do creatively. We can sing and dance. there are many other things that people are doing during this quarantine. Doing all this is just a way to feed your soul with happiness you deserve and to throw out all the bad thought about yourself. Moreover, this this the time where we should develop a new habit and should not waste our time.

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