Want to maintain a work-life balance during this WFH? Here’s how!

Work-Life Balance is the new goal in 2021

Work plays a vital role in all our lives. Our income makes sure that the lights stay on, food is on the table, and the rainy-day pot is not empty.

Hey! Before we start, why not first understand what this “Work-life balance” is.

Work-life balance, in simple words, refers to maintaining a balance between your work and your life. It targets people who are working. The working community finds it very difficult to manage their time and enjoy their life. The main formula for work-life balance is time management.

Giving some time to your life is very important. It plays a significant role in reducing your chances of getting into depression and staying happy & excited.

“Giving time to your life” does not only mean giving time to yourself. It includes almost everything. These include time for family, time for friends, time to rest, time to go outdoors and see the world, time to manage relationships, and time to enjoy your hobbies.

The person must know the ways to manage work-life balance. The meaning of this term is so simple, and the methods are even more comfortable. Though, people face so many complications in maintaining this balance. 

These people feel stressed and not balanced. Let us slowly dive into the need and methods of achieving Work-life balance. 

Meaning of work-life balance in the today’s era

Today, the work-life balance mainly focuses on time management. Instead of working for a continuous 14 hrs, the employees now get 1-2 hours of break. Earlier, the schedule for employees was rigorous and tiring. But after considering work-life balance, a break also referred to as lunch, is provided to the employees. 

Now, employees can give time to themselves. They can talk to their family members or friends or rest after doing such hard work. 

Still, most people prefer giving their free time to their mobile phones to stay digitally connected. This results in making it difficult to figure out when the work has ended, and life has begun. 

The need for maintaining a work-life

  • Reduced health-related problems: When physically exhausted and mentally tired, we need some rest from our busy schedule. Without this, our mind and body might face the threat of being unhealthy and tired all the time. We might start moving towards stress. This will lead to the spoiling of whole day. A study conducted to check the effects of not maintaining a balance between work and life has reported that most people face heart issues. The longer the individual work than the average number of working hours, the more prone to heart diseases. 

  • More engagement: When you can successfully maintain a balance between work and life, you feel happy and relaxed. Due to this, you are less tired, resulting in you engaging yourself more in work without harming yourself. 

  • Reduced burnouts: Burnout is a phase of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion generated by tremendous and long-term stress. It happens when you feel defeated, emotionally lost, and inefficient to reach frequent demands. Ultimately, you might feel like you have nothing more to do for the people. Having a balance between work and life prevents you from getting stuck in this swamp of burnout.

  • Improved focus: A balance between work and life improves our focus and ability to give our best in any task. This is because we are happy, and our mind is refreshed. Individuals can find various innovative ideas for completing the task. This helps them give the best works to their company or the authority for which they are working. 

How to improve work-life balance?

  • Vacations: Vacations were made because of some reason. Its motto was to refresh people’s minds, attain their energies, and come back to work full of excitement. Vacations are a long-term break given to the individuals. During this period, they can calm their mind and take some rest from their busy schedule. This is crucial to help individuals increase productivity and concentrate after they return to their daily routine.

  • Have some small breaks every day: If you can’t take vacations, then taking short breaks after 4-5 hours of continuous working is highly recommended. Our body is not made so that it can work for a continuous six or more hours. It needs some rest. This small break, also known as a lunch break, helps a lot in refreshing your mind and bringing your stamina & excitement back. 

  • Have a fixed schedule for everything: While you are into a job or a business, you try to give your best. Because of this, you are unable to find time for other things. Making a fixed schedule for everything makes it easy for you to give time to everything properly. This creates a deadline due to which our mind is focused on completing the task within that period. You can also set reminders to remind you that the deadline is near. This will maintain your working pace, and thus, you need not compromise with other things.

  • Meditation: It might sound a bit traditional, but as the idiom says, “Old is gold,” so does this meditation. Meditation is a conventional but evergreen method that will never let you down. This helps you in calming down your racing thoughts and help you to work better. 

  • Have a separate workspace: While you are working from home, it is recommended for you to have your workplace. This is so because if you are working in an environment where your family members are roaming around you, this distracts you. Having a separate workplace will keep you isolated from everyone, and you will be able to complete the task within the deadline and in the best possible way.


People nowadays overlook the importance of work-life balance. They try to work a lot so that they can earn benefits. But they do not understand the side effects of exhausting themselves to such extents. 

It is the best choice to have a balance between work and life. This balance protects you from many problems like stress, tiredness, tension, heart diseases, and several other issues.

Your body and health should be your priority. You should never underestimate your health. A healthy body is worth everything.

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